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~ An amazing opportunity to raise for the CHARITY of YOUR CHOICE


Shark Dive 2014 is about to take place! It’s a chance to raise money for your charity of choice while taking part in an experience of a lifetime! There’s an information evening happening on Wednesday 5th February in Teviot Middle Reading Room at 6pm, so if you have any questions or want to know more about the Shark Dive, come along!

What’s this all about?

Owing to the great success of last year’s Shark Dive, MedRAG is planning to have another Shark Dive at Deep Sea World in North Queensferry. Last year, many students managed to dive and raise around £7000 for various charities with loads of good reviews. This year we’re hoping that lots more students take part in this fantastic experience along with raising money for charity.

Do I need to know how to dive?

There is NO TRAINING required beforehand, all necessary training will be given to you on the day of the dive by the very experienced staff at Deep Sea World.

How much does it cost?

Overall, the price is £150 from Deep Sea World at charity prices. However, we’ve broken this price down to a deposit of £70 when you hand in all your forms and we try to arrange dates, and a deposit of £80 once the date is booked for your dive. If there’s no slots at all for you to dive then we will refund the £70; the £80 is non-refundable since at that point the slot will have been booked already using the money.

There is also a minimum fundraising target of £250. Money can be raised after the event too, so don’t worry about meeting a set goal!

There is a chance to get your money back though! We’ve used a model done by other big charities to attempt this:

If you raise over £350, you will get £50 back from your total sponsorship.
If you raise over £400, you will get £100 back from your total sponsorship.
If you raise over £450, you’ll get the full £150 back from your total sponsorship.

This has been calculated so that the amount of money your charity receives is always above the money given back!

If you want to FIND OUT MORE about taking part in Shark Dive, email Calum@medrag.org.uk. Or go towww.medrag.org.uk , and be sure to like MedRAG on facebook to keep up to date:https://www.facebook.com/edinburghmedrag !

~ Email Calum at calum@medrag.org.uk for more information.