Teams should try to spend as little as possible on travel and entry fees to attractions. Any money spent on tehse items should be documented on the invoices sheet in the handbook, and there will be a 1000 point penalty for every £10 spent.

Teams may spend as much money on accommodation and food as they want. We suggest that you try to organise your travel so you have a safe place to spend each night. Some teams choose to stay overnight with family members. We have also included details of all YHA hostels across the UK. In the event that you get to an area and do not have anywhere to stay, it is likely a youth hostel is a bus journey away. We can recommend these as basic but comfortable and reasonably priced.

Please do not sleep rough, this is incredibly dangerous (and cold in October). If you choose to camp, please ensure you are not camping on private land without first getting permission from the land owner first.

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