GB48 is the UK’s first 48hour, nationwide scavenger hunt for charity.

WHO KNOWS – you could set out from Edinburgh on Friday, spend Friday night in Aberdeen, find yourself in Wales on Saturday and return to Edinburgh on Sunday (via Newcastle’s Tyne bridge of course!)

Wherever you end up, and whichever challenges you take on, it is sure to be an UNFORGETTABLE 48 HOURS.


The goal of GB48 is to be the team who collects the most points during the 48 hour race, by completing challenges and getting back to Edinburgh for the 6.30pm deadline.

  • Points – Points are collected from four different categories. More details in the handbook (which we will release to you 3 days in advance).

Point Categories:

  • Location – These are place specific photos. Figure out where it is, get there and take a picture. E.g. Photo with Canterbury Cathedral
  • Randoms – These are points you can collect anywhere in the UK. Do the challenge or find the item and have your picture taken doing it or with it.
  • Bring Backs – These are free items we want you to find on your journey, hang on to and bring back to Edinburgh.
  • Impossibles – These are incredibly difficult tasks with a huge number of points attached. E.g. Get a picture with Nick Clegg.


We ultimately want everyone to have as much fun as possible on GB48 so it is fine to spend your money on food and accommodation. The only limitations we place are on transport and entry fees to attractions. Penalties of 1000 points per £10 spent will apply here. So if you fancy hitch hiking, go for it and get more points to show for it. If you want to take a taxi, do that but know it will affect your points total.


GB48 teams are made of pairs. Just know 48 hours is a long time, so make sure you like the person you are paired with. Also no substitutions, or splitting up to do more challenges. Teams who play together, stay together.


At the end of the day, GB48 is all about raising money for the charities you love. Be that Oxfam or the Life Boat Association, go for it! It just has to be a registered charity. It is a sponsored event, so the higher the sponsorship you raise, the more money your charity gets.

Want more info?
Just message us on Facebook, send us an email ( or even tweet us. We’ll get back to you ASAP.