Race handbooks will be available at the Wednesday MedRAG meeting before the event or signed out from the ESCA office by a team member.

The handbook contains lists of all the photo locations. We would recommend using the two days before the race to look up any locations you are unsure of and form some kind of plan. It may be more difficult to find information on places  while you are travelling.


The race starts at 5.30 pm on Friday 18th October from Bristo Square, Edinburgh.
All team members must leave from this starting point.


All teams will be given their ‘photo T-shirt’ and a GB48 race bag. Photo Tshirts must be visible in all pictures.

The race ends on Sunday 20th October at 5.30pm, in the RMS common room, Potterow, Edinburgh. All teams must check in before this time, at this location, when they finish the race to hand over pictures and any other bring back items.


Any pictures taken outside of the 48 hours of the race will not be counted towards a team’s points total. Teams who arrive later than 5.30 pm will receive a 1500 point penalty for every 15 minutes they are late.

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GB48 2011 From London to Aberdeen

GB48 2011
From London to Aberdeen