DO NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL! The event organisers will not take any responsibility for your actions. This includes things like jumping on a train without a ticket to avoid paying your fare, ‘sneaking’ into attractions to avoid paying entry fees and trespassing on building sites. Hitchhiking on motorways, slip roads and some dual carriageways is also illegal (and likely to get you a lift from the next passing police patrol). It is also illegal to board ferries on trucks if you are not the truck driver, and you will be treated as a stowaway if found. If we find you have done something illegal, we will consider you to have cheated, and you will be disqualified.

STAY SAFE!  Please use your common sense. If a place is closed or an area is blocked off, or there are any danger or warning signs please do not enter it. Also, if there is an area you feel uncomfortable with, avoid it. It might be the people stood in the area, or the derelict buildings or lack of street lights. Do not get yourself into a location you feel uncomfortable with. Also, do not accept any rides you feel uncomfortable with, EVEN IF IT’S FREE! If you are hitching and anything about a ride or an area looks dodgy, decline it. It could be the people offering you a lift, the area your standing in, it could be the vehicle itself, or it could be the route they’re taking. Prepare a couple of excuses beforehand. You may have been waiting for a lift for an hour, but it’s better to be safe and waiting for another lift than the alternative.

Teams MUST check in to the ‘Safe Line’ number by text message AT LEAST every 3 hours or when they change mode of transport as a security requirement. This requires that you have a phone on you at all times (with sufficient credit and charge for the whole 48 hours). Your text message must contain your team name, your exact location, your projected destination and the details of your current mode of transport. If this is a vehicle it should include the vehicles registration number and a description (see Contacts section for examples of good and bad texts).

If you have two phones, bring two! We will take the numbers from you before you leave and check them to make sure they ring. We suggest that you only keep one on though (so that when one battery runs out, you have another fully charged). When you reach your destination for the night, you must check in giving us the name and address of where you are staying. You must then contact us again before you leave that safe place the next morning. Please do not turn your phone off overnight as we need to be able to contact you at all times.

If you choose to travel overnight you must continue checking in every 3 hours and on each change of transportation. If you fail to check in every 3 hours we will call the relevant Police with your last known location. Please check in to avoid everyone’s embarrassment!

Team members may not drive any car (including their own) during the race! This is due to car insurance regulations. Even if you are normally insured to drive a car, you may not drive it during the race due as this would require ESCA to have a business driving insurance. Any team found to have driven during the race will be considered to have cheated and will be disqualified. If you’re fed up, you have 2 options: you can either stay where you are and enjoy that part of the UK or you can go home. If you decide to stop racing you MUST tell us so we don’t sit up waiting for your texts and then have to call the police.

Teams may not leave the UK and must have valid passports with them.

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